An Illustrated History For Children by John Mitchell & Tom Woodruff

“...Through the rich color of Woodruff’s illustrations, and Mitchell’s fast -paced narrative, the reader is taken on a journey through time. Beginning with the formation of the Great Lakes in the distant Ice Age, the book explores man’s discovery and use of the bountiful resources of the Great Lakes region. The story is told through the evolution of ships, reflecting a technology which has grown from paddles-to sails-to hulls of steel...this splendid volume should find a welcome home in every Great Lakes library.”
-Inland Seas Education Association

“...A wonderful and entertaining teaching tool. I have never seen a book on the topic more suitable for children.”
-Captain David Falsetti, Executive Director, Milwaukee Maritime Center

“...A perfect addition to a young persons bookshelf. Clear text and simple illustrations... provide a look at lakes and ships that makes learning fun. Any kid... will enjoy the lessons”
-Detroit Free Press

This book can be purchased for $16.95 [Order Form]

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