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Tom Woodruff 


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Welcome to Woodruff Designs! My name is Tom Woodruff. I am a Michigan based Teaching Artist, and Illustrator. When I'm not painting Dragons, and Ships, I am teaching Interactive Art Programs throughout Michigan Schools. Through these hands-on workshops students learn history and science through Art! 

Tom Woodruff 

Teaching Artist & Illustrator


Explore The History, Geography, And Natural Resources of The Great Lakes Region, And The World-Through The Creative Process

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For the past thirty-one years, my Great Lakes Illustration Workshops have engaged students of all ages in challenging and fun, curriculum-based drawing projects. Through storytelling and step-by-step instructions, we’ve explored the abundant natural resources of our region and how they have shaped our human history. In my Workshops and Classes, I share drawing techniques and story, contributing to my student’s personal art and observation skills. My goal is to broaden their awareness of, and respect for their natural and societal surroundings. The drawings we create together illustrate the story, document the journey and empower each student to appreciate and celebrate their own unique style.

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