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Zoom Art Classes & Youtube Requests

Teaching Nature, Science, and History through Art!

Over the past thirty years, I’ve taught my Great Lakes Illustration Workshops to students of all ages, in schools all throughout Michigan. These interactive drawing projects teach Nature, Science, and History through art, and can be custom tailored to most any topic or event. 

Due to Covid-19 I am unable to travel to schools this year, but I am available to teach via Zoom! 

-Topics can be custom tailored right into the curriculum 

-Engaging, Interactive workshops for any age group

-Learn nature science and history through art! 

-These are not just for classrooms, but for families, and for personal art classes as well! 

Zoom Art Classes

I am also taking Youtube Requests! If you have a specific topic you'd like me to cover

Youtube Requests

Since March, I've created many interactive drawing projects that are published on Youtube. These are similar to workshops I've taught throughout Michigan Schools the last thirty years. , There are also free coloring pages that are published on my site. This was for those stuck at home during quarantine who needed some more art in their lives! You are welcome to use any of these youtube videos or coloring pages in your classroom! 

If you have a custom Youtube Request that you'd like to fit right into your class curriculum, please feel free to reach out to me. I am available for all topics, including, but not limited to, Nature Journaling, Ships of the Great Lakes, Prehistoric Life, Indians of the Great Lakes, Michigan History, Comparative Religion, Holiday themes, Mythology, and so much more. 

Youtube requests are also available 

For the rehearsal, video Production and editing, please allow up to Two Weeks for your video to be completed upon order. For Pricing, please Visit 

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