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Each community I visit, has it’s own unique character, shaped by lives and times long past – and changing even now. It is, also, the immediate world of the children we teach. As an historian, my curiosity compels me to seek out the stories of those early times. My Local History Illustration Workshops allow me to share my fascination for the past, with students who will one day shape its future. I believe that an understanding of history deepens, not only our curiosity, but our respect for the world around us. What better place to start than home?

In Chicago City Day School I worked with 3rd graders. Using storyboards and outlines, students created books illustrating the rich history of their great city.


 At Cedar Crest Elementary in Greenville, students of all grades contributed text and illustrations to a hall-length time-line celebrating their sesquicentennial.


The Ludington Area Chamber of Commerce has sponsored annual visits to area schools to celebrate their Car Ferry Festival. We create 3-dimensional drawings of the car ferry “Badger”, while exploring an industry which has shaped their community.

In Belding, Orchard Hills and Ellis Elementary students, explored their community history through architecture. Each grade chose an era and drew the buildings which best represented it. I later, worked with Belding High School art students to create a history of their city. They wrote, illustrated, published and now, distribute their coloring book to third graders in their community.

I’ve shared similar programs, in a variety of formats, with students in Lakeview, Bangor, Owosso and Big Rapids. In schools throughout Michigan, I’ve adapted my workshops on Native Americans, Explorers, Lumbermen and Shipping, with information specific to the Community.

Each workshop is as unique as the community, and the creative ideas of the teachers I’ve worked with. My goal is to encourage your students to look beyond what they see, to how things came to be – to ask questions about the world around them – to seek answers in their Schools, Libraries and Museums – and most of all, to ask their Elders about the history they have lived.

Workshops are adaptable to all grades in single and multiple sessions, in many formats. I welcome the opportunity to work with you, to introduce or compliment your Local History Curriculum.


“It was a great week! Your residency truly inspired and enhanced our students and staff. Thank you very much for sharing your talents in Forest Hills.”

– Ruth Bennett, Coordinator, Forest Hills Cultural Arts Committee

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