"Blingo Is My Name Yo"

One day I was waiting for my family at the mall, sketching people as they passed by. Sometimes my sketches look like people. More often, they become dragons. I noticed a strong, matronly woman standing next to a lanky teenager. I sketched her as she was looking off into the distance, with one hand on her hip, and the other resting on her cane. She looked like a Viking Warrior Queen. So, I turned her cane into a sword, ragged from battle, and gave her some body armor. I put her on a mountaintop overlooking her conquered land. She then turned to to the teenager and said, “Take off your hoodie. You look like a hooligan!” He did as he was told, then turned his hat around so he could be “cool” again. As he looked towards me, I noticed some flashes of gold. He was stylin’ with an abundance of “bling,” so I drew him as I saw him in my dragon realm. I didn’t have to change much to catch his likeness. I had plenty of time to draw them both. They were standing in line at the food court looking up to read the menu. I call the first picture, “B-L-I-N-G-O, Blingo is my Name Yo!” His mother, The Viking Warrior Queen, is still in the works but here’s a sneak peak!

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