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Tom Woodruff 



Teachers and Students! My name is Tom Woodruff.  I am the illustrator of four children’s history books which you may have seen in your school library: Michigan, An Illustrated History For Children, Great Lakes and Great Ships, Indians of the Great Lakes, Prehistoric Great Lakes. These books are being used in Elementary and Middle Schools throughout the Great Lakes Area.

Over the past thirty years, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my love for Michigan and the Great Lakes Region, with students and teachers in schools, libraries and conferences, throughout the state. My Great Lakes Illustration Workshops, engage students, of all ages, in challenging and fun drawing and writing projects. We explore the history and natural resources of the world. My Illustration workshops can be custom tailored to most any topic, or event. These are some of the workshops I’ve done in the past.

Explore The History, Geography, And Natural Resources of The Great Lakes Region, And The World-Through The Creative Process!

Interactive Drawing Projects for People Of All Ages! 


These Illustration workshops can be custom tailored to most any topic, or event

Great Lakes Workshop Example

This drawing began as a felt tip marker drawing on an overhead transparency. In a 45 minute Illustration workshop, 4th grade students at Eastwood Elementary, in Big Rapids, drew along with me. Line for line, with pencil on paper, their drawings became 3-dimensional, rich with texture, loaded with detail – as we sailed through the Age of Discovery on our magnificent Galleons. Each drawing was as unique as its maker. Each student revealed their own unique style. Since then, I’ve added watercolor and acrylic to my drawing. Students added colored pencil and wrote stories for theirs. All were rightfully proud of their work – and so was I.


“During this workshop a great deal of learning took place for all those involved. Not only did the children learn but also the staff. Tom Woodruff was warmly welcomed by everyone. He shared a great deal of himself and did so in a genuine and sincere way. His enthusiasm for art and for the life around the Great Lakes region was contagious. Make that highly contagious!!”

Kathy Heinze

Elementary Art Educator,

Greenville Schools

“Many of the children, who often reflect a negative self concept, expressed themselves through their artwork in such a unique and positive way…Many of the children who are categorized in Special Education, related to the tasks in such a way that their handicapping conditions were not there."

Tammy Miller

Counselor, Sheridan Elementary School

“Mr. Woodruff was the speaker for our Young Author’s Kick-off Program for grades 2-6. He presented three outstanding programs for the students and they left eager to begin their own writing. His talks were full of visual materials which added to the interest of all the students. He was interesting, fun and an informative speaker for our school…I would highly recommend Mr. Woodruff for school groups of all grade levels. He is able to adapt his presentations to the age and interest of his listeners, capture their attention and generate enthusiasm for writing and illustrating.”

Mrs. Judy Gould

Library Media Specialist,

Leland Public Schools